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SEG YouTube videos

Here are some youtube videos about the SEG by Prof. John Searl. There are several on the site, incuding some of Professor Searl in person talking about his plans for alternative energy.

SEG voltage controlled demonstration.

Searl & Newton Part 1.

Searl & Newton Part 2.

New Battery Tech boosts the ability of rechargeable lithium-ion batteries

Standard lithium-ion batteries use graphite anodes that are capable of holding only a limited amount of charged lithium particles. The graphite anodes' limited capacity is chiefly responsible for the relatively brief charge life of lithium-ion batteries. Replacing the graphite anodes with silicon nanowires would increase the battery's charge storage capacity, Stanford researchers found. full article...

Malware found on new hard drives

The Taipei Times is reporting that around 1,800 new 300GB and 500GB external hard drives manufactured by Maxtor shipped with malware on them. What makes this story even more interesting is that Taiwanese authorities suspected that Chinese authorities were involved. The bureau said that hard discs with such a large capacity are usually used by government agencies to store databases and other information. full article...

Laser innovation speeds up hard disks

Researchers in the Netherlands say they have come up with a way of using lasers to speed up magnetic hard drives by a factor of 100.

A paper published by Daniel Stanciu of the Institute for Molecules and Materials at Radboud University Nijmegen describes a method of using ultrarapid pulses of polarized light to heat up areas on a hard disk and, crucially, using the same light to change the polarity of those areas.

The polarity of the disk storage medium is reversed by reversing the polarity of the laser pulses, according to a recent report. This optically induced, ultrafast magnetization reversal, was previously believed impossible, and it is the combined result of femtosecond laser heating of the magnetic system to just below the Curie point, and circularly polarized light simultaneously acting as a magnetic field. Similar effects have previously been used in magneto-optical storage devices, but those used a magnetic field applied by conventional means, not by the laser. full article...

Windows Activation trips up virtual machine clones, even on same system

This blog entry is simply to clear things up regarding virtual machine software (like VMware), the way it can make clones of existing virtual machines, and what if any impact such cloning has when it involves software that requires some form of online activation like Microsoft's operating system and Office software do. The reason I'm writing this is that, going back to my last blog entry regarding VMware Workstation 6 (the latest release of VMware Workstation), the TalkBack's disputed my assertion that moving a virtual machine that has Windows as its operating system from one system could be a jarring enough of a hardware change that it would, "invariably awaken the licensing gods at Microsoft."

Last updated: Sat 01 Mar 08
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