ToDo list

A few things I'd like to do when I have the time.

Mastering OOP Design Patterns

I'd really like to produce some video tutorials on these, using a debugger to step through the code a line at a time, showing how each design pattern works, and watching how the objects communicate with each other, and how object properties are modified.

Writing my own PHP extensions.

I have a copy of Sara Golemon's book published in 2006 called: Extending and Embedding PHP

From the back cover: "In just a few years PHP has rapidly evolved from a small niche language to a powerful web development tool. Now in use on over 14 million Web sites, PHP is more stable and extensible than ever."

Update - As of January 2013 PHP is now being used on over 200 MILLION web sites, and is probably the most popular server-side language on the internet.

Why write a PHP extension of my own? It's something I've always wanted to be able to do. If PHP is used on over 200 million websites, and I can get a useful extension into the PHP distribution, that would give me free advertising to over 200 million PHP website administrators. This in turn could bring some valuable targeted traffic back to my own website.

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